AFA Action Primary Election Guide is Ready

The American Family Association’s voter guide is out. “Every election cycle, the party primaries are one of the greatest opportunities we have to make an impact on our country. With less than 20% of those eligible actually voting, each ballot cast carries even more weight than during hte general election.:

Deceptive Ballot on Amendment 1 (Vote No!)

The Statewide Amendment 1 on Tuesday’s Ballot has a lot of reasons for you to vote NO.  Among those reasons is that the ballot language itself is purposefully deceptive to the reasonable and prudent reader. The wording on the ballot characterizes the proposed Amendment as a name change to the Alabama State Board of Education …

Vote No on Amendment 1

Up to now, the state board of education has been selected by the voters and not appointed. This change would remove parents from having any direct say, and replace the board by a “commission” which is appointed by the governor. This consolidates the power over the education of our children, and places it in the hands of …