Ask Gov. Ivey to Appoint a Republican Probate Judge in Jefferson County

Due to a resignation, Gov. Ivey will appoint a new Place 1 Probate Judge in Alabama’s largest county, Jefferson. This is a rare opportunity for us to make GOP inroads in this Democrat county. Reports are that Gov. Ivey is being lobbied hard to appoint a particular Democrat, a Doug Jones supporter.

If Ivey would appoint an effective Republican, that person could use the remainder of the appointed term to clean up the county election process and detect fraud. This new probate judge would be in charge of the vital November 2020 presidential election. And there would be an outside shot at retaining the seat next election.

Please help:

1. Contact Gov. Ivey and ask her to appoint a Republican as Probate Judge Place 1 of Jefferson County. 334-242-7100

2. Please forward this e-mail to all.

Thank you for making a difference.

Jim Zeigler
State Auditor


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